Carbohydrates | All About Carbohydrates | Myth vs Reality

Hey guys , welcome back to NextLevel Fitness. Today i am gonna talk about Carbohydrates in details along with Myth and reality.

Carbohydrates is a primary nutrient among all nutrients. It is basically a energy giving nutrient which energized our body to do various activities like : physical activity etc.

There are too many carbohydrates foods in our earth and some of the common carbohydrates foods are : Cereals , Banana, potatoes, sugar etc.

Carbs( carbohydrates) is broken down in glucose after the process of digestion. Further glucose are used by our cells for energy . And remaining carbs are stored in the glycogen. Glycogen is basically a bag like structure which store the glucose. If the glycogen fill up to top level then remaining carb are converted into Fats.

We require energy to do all the works , so we should not avoid carbohydrates, but we should also not over eat carbohydrates as it can store as fat in our body.

So, The actual amount of carbohydrates we need is

* For Weight Loss – 0.9g-1.1g * per kg /body weight

* For Weight gain – 1.2g-2.2g* per kg/bodyweight

* For weight maintaining – 1g – 1.1g per kg / bodyweight

Note :- 1.Don’t eat artificial sugar too much,you should limit it to less than 30g / day

2. Carbs like – banana, potatoes are high in calories , but also high in potassium so , you should not avoid these food. You should consume it in limit .


Protein | All About Protein

Hey guys , welcome to Nextlevel Fitness. Today, i am going to talk about one of the important nutrients called” protein “. Protein is a type of nutrients which breakdown into Amino Acid and its main function is to heal, repair and grow our muscle tissue. Amino Acid are basically of two type : 1 Essential Amino Acid

2.Non Essential Amino acid

1. Essential amino acid are generally made by our body.

2. Non essential amino acid are generally required for our body. We can take non essential amino acid from various foods.

There are about more than 20 amino acid presently.

Lack in protein can cause muscle loss . And if you are doing exercises then you must increase the intake of protein in order to achieve your goal whether it is muscle building or fat loss. Most of Fitness trainer suggest to take whey Protein before and after exercises to grow more muscle.

But, Whey Protein are very high in cost due to which many of us can’t afford it.

In this post i will show you some protein source which you can add in your diet.

Lean Protein

1 Egg White : Egg white is a lean source of protein which doesn’t contain carbs and fats. If you can’t afford Whey Protein ,then you can take 4-5egg white as pre and post workout .

2. Chicken Breast: chicken breast is also a lean source of protein and contains less than 1g of fats and carbs.

3. Lean Fish: Fish contains Omega 3fatty acid which is a healthy fats which improve our brain should take fish twice a weeks. Salmon is One of the best fish, but generally in India Rohu- Catla is found , you can also take this fish.

There are various foods which contains good amount of protein like : Milk, Almonds, Yogurt, Lentils etc.

Tip: For Protein Consumption

1.If you are doing body building then you should take 1.2-1.8* per kg body weight.

2. If you losing weight ,then you should take 1-1.1*per kg body weight.

3.if you are try to maintain your weight or physic then you should take 0.8-1*per kg body weight.

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